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Prospective Student-Athlete: A prospective student-athlete (PSA or prospect) is defined as a male student who has started classes for the seventh grade and a female student who has started classes for the ninth grade. In addition, a student who has not started classes for the seventh (male) or ninth (female) grade becomes a PSA if an institution provides the PSA (or the PSA's relatives or friends) any financial assistance or other benefits an institution does not provide to any prospective student in general. It is possible for a student who is still in a grade lower than the seventh or ninth grade to be considered a PSA if they receive a benefit from an institution not permitted per NCAA regulations.

For additional information on the following issues listed below, please visit the NCAA Eligibility Center.

  • Amateurism
  • Gambling
  • Drug Testing
  • Academic Information
  • Recruiting Information

Academic Eligibility:

National Letter of Intent (NLI):


Miscellaneous Informational:

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