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Ball State University student-athletes may not have contact with any agent until they have exhausted their eligibility or declare their intent to forgo any remaining intercollegiate athletics eligibility and turn professional. 

Agents must register with the Ball State University Athletics Compliance Office prior to contacting student-athletes by completing and submitting the Agent Questionnaire prior to contacting student-athletes. Agents must also demonstrate they are properly licensed by the State of Indiana.

Any written correspondence sent to student-athletes in care of their coaches or in care of student-athletes should be submitted to the Athletics Compliance Office. All written correspondence from properly-registered agents will be distributed to student-athletes once their eligibility has been exhausted, as determined by the Athletics Compliance Office.

Those interested in contacting a student-athlete in regard to being represented by an agent should contact the Athletics Compliance Office. Please return to the main page to view contact information. 

Information & Required Documentation


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